Haven Community Toy Drive

Christmas is a joyful time of the year for most people, but for children in need it’s painful. For hundreds of children in Idaho Falls and the surrounding area, there is a need to make Christmas special. This is why the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission is pleased to announce the first annual Haven Community Toy Drive. Exclusive to Idaho Falls, this toy drive and its donations will go straight to those in the community who have the biggest need.

Earlier this year the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission announced the acquisition of The Haven. Since opening the Haven’s doors officially in late September, they have not only been able to provide food and shelter for women, but children as well. In doing this, they have been able to witness firsthand not only the need, but the community’s response to the need for donations of toys for children. “The community’s desire to give is really what sparked this whole thing,” Tyler Perkins, the Director of the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission said when questioned about how the toy drive came to fruition. “We then prayed about it and met with some interested partners like Roamer Transportation who were excited to be involved. This is what happens when the Lord moves the heart of His people—they do something about it.”

The toy drive is unique in the fact that each toy donation is guaranteed to be distributed to a child in need here in the Idaho Falls area. Together with Roamer Transport INC, the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission is teaming up with local churches and families who are in need this holiday season. The Idaho Falls Rescue Mission is now accepting toy donations at the Haven Community center and Roamer Transport until December 9th. After the toys are wrapped, they will be distributed on December 16th to the families in need. Families who are in need are encouraged to contact their local church. Join the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission and donate today to help make Christmas special for someone in need. We understand that not everyone has the ability to go out and go shopping, so we are providing an online donation option. Your donations will be used to purchase toys and items needed for the children. We appreciate your generosity!

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