Our biggest need is for food!
The summer months often bring a lull in food donations for our Mission.

Our immediate food needs include:

*Fresh produce
*Dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, cream, sour cream…)
*Ground beef
Canned chicken, beef, turkey, tuna and ham
Sloppy joe sauce
Cooking oil (spray, olive oil or butter)
Jelly or jam
Plain diced tomatoes
Tomato paste
Tomato sauce
Spaghetti sauce
Cream of mushroom soup
Pork and beans
Jelly or jam
Canned carrot or mixed veggies
Boxed rice mixes
Baking powder
Canned beans (pinto, black, baked, pork & beans)
Canned fruit (peaches, applesauce & pineapple)
Chicken broth
Ramen noodles
White vinegar
Teriyaki sauce
Bottled water

**please donate foods that expire in or after 2016 (no opened items please)

First Aid Supplies:

Sunburn spray
Suntan lotion
Stool softeners
Imodium AD
First aid spray
Sore throat lozenges
IB Profin
Antibiotic cream
Lysol disinfectant spray
Wet wipes
Shaving creme
Masking tape