Thank you for your interest in the IFRM Men’s Shelter!

Here at the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission Men’s Shelter we welcome homeless, adult men whose circumstances may range from struggling to destitute. We seek to provide for the immediate physical needs such as food, shelter and clothing. We also provide individual case management, which helps us identify the unique barriers and challenges that may be inhibiting a person’s growth and ability to be self-sustaining.

A standard shelter stay is 30-60 days. In that time, we hope to assist each guest of our shelter program to achieve real life change including freedom from issues such as substance abuse and chronic homelessness; helping them form healthy community and personal relationships, and a healthy view of themselves.

As an organization, we are very blessed to be a part of a network of community resources that join us in these endeavors. The Bank of Commerce donates their time and expertise to help our guests learn how to better handle their money, open and manage a bank account, and provides basic financial life skills. These helpful sessions are open to anyone in the community. We are often assisted by agencies such as CLUB, Inc., Saint Vincent de Paul, and Health and Welfare. Other supports in our community include the Salvation Army, The Behavioral Health Crisis Center, and the Center for Hope. We greatly appreciate these agencies and feel that we would struggle to do what we do without them.

As a Christian Faith-based organization, we also offer Bible studies, dinner devotions, and uncertified Biblical Counseling that the guests can participate in on a strictly voluntary basis. We believe that a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ is ultimately the source of healing and restoration that we all need. However, we are not pushy about our beliefs, nor are anyone else’s beliefs a factor in determining the services that are available to them.

All our facilities are Safe and Sober; meaning that we are diligent in our attempts to keep our shelters free of illegal and unhealthy substances. We do this by utilizing regular breathalyzer and urinalysis testing, as well as occasional searches of client property and allowing K-9 law enforcement access to our dorm areas for such searches. These things are done, not as an attempt to exclude participants from entering, but rather to provide a safe and healthy environment for recovery to take place.

If you or someone you know are facing homelessness, we would invite you to come down to our shelter offices and speak with someone about our programs. Our mission is to offer help, hope, and a future to the hungry, homeless, and hopeless in our community. We strive to be a great starting point for starting over.