Mens Rescue is at the City of Refuge at 840 Park Ave. in Downtown Idaho Falls. This ministry keeps men off the streets and facilitates them getting back on their feet after they have been faced in a situation that has left them homeless. We strongly encourage them get involved in our new Works Program during their stay with us as well as getting jobs, acquiring a vehicle if necessary and getting some savings established in order to get back out on their own.

Womens Rescue is at the Ruth House located at 3130 S. Yellowstone Hwy in Idaho Falls. This ministry exists to keep women and children off of the streets and facilitates them getting back on their feet. Often times women and children come to us after a divorce or separation has left them without a place to stay, and our desire is to support them in a difficult season in their life.


Renewed Life Recovery Program - We are excited to announce that we are developing a brand new program at the IFRM that will facilitate recovery to those who need it in South Eastern Idaho! The IFRM is a Gospel-based mission. Renewed Life Recovery Program will encourage its participants to examine their hearts and consider the transformational power of a personal relationship with Jesus. That power is the foundation of our Recovery Program. The key elements of this program are self evaluation, case management, professional counselling, spiritual growth, living skills, educational development, restored relationships and ministry assignment.

The projected rollout date for this ministry is in the Fall of 2017. We are currently looking to partner with individuals and business who would like to be a vital part of this ministry. It is vital that we build our partnership team in order for us to begin this ministry by this fall. If you would like to give directly to Renewed Life Recovery please make note of it with your donation and we will make sure it goes towards supporting this new ministry.


Restoration is a conscious, committed effort to heal the breaches that homelessness and addiction have caused. It includes healing relationships, becoming connected to a local church and finding a mentor who can continue to guide that person within the framework of the community. Restoration includes finding work that is sustaining and a good fit for the persons interests, talents and personality. Follow-up contact will be maintained to give each program graduate a touch-point of caring, Gospel-based friendship, and an avenue for advice and counsel. Homelessness and addiction often result in a loss of family, work, church and societal connections. It is important to restore relationships where possible and build new ones to sustain the new life that is found in Christ.

The Need

Homelessness can be caused by tragic life occurrences like job loss, domestic violence, divorce, and family disputes. Other impairments such as depression, untreated mental illness, post-traumatic stress disorder, and physical disabilities can result in homelessness. Other factors that also contribute to homelessness are unexpected vehicle or home repairs or illness.

According to a study released in 2007 by The National Alliance to End Homelessness, Idaho ranks among one of the top ten states with the highest rates of homelessness. According to a 2008 U.S. Conference of Mayors study, the three most common cited causes of homelessness among unaccompanied adults are:

  • Substance abuse
  • Lack of affordable housing
  • Mental illness

Adults who are homeless frequently report the following health problems:

  • Alcohol use problems
  • Drug use
  • Mental health problems
  • Dual diagnosis (Substance use and mental/physical health problems)
  • Acute health problems such as TB, pneumonia, or STD.
  • Chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or cancer.

The majority of those incarcerated committed offenses while under the influence of an illegal substance or alcohol. Once they are placed on probation/parole they are required to find housing with very limited financial resources. While under court supervision they will also be required to pay for Cost of Supervision, required courses, and child support payments.

Homeless Shelters

The Idaho Falls Rescue Mission provides essential services, and hope to homeless men at City of Refuge, and to homeless women, and women with children at the Evergreen Emergency Shelter . Our purpose is to provide emergency shelter, meals, clothing and essentials. Idaho Falls Rescue Mission also offers case management to all who choose to stay with us. This includes life directional counseling, and referrals for educational, employment, medical and disability needs. Residents at the City of Refuge and Evergreen Emergency Shelter have the opportunity to participate in one of four track programs. Christian Discipleship is available on request.

Transient Track

Transients are allowed to stay for one week. They are provided basic services and will have the opportunity to inquire about other tracks during the entrance interview with the Case Manager.

Fast Track

The Fast Track is designed for those who simply need a place to stay while they find a job and obtain a permanent residence. The timeline designated for this is generally six weeks, but this can change depending on their circumstances. Residents on this track will be expected to aggressively pursue employment, applying at a minimum of 24 locations each week. Each week the resident meets with the Case Manager to discuss the progress and problems with finding employment and housing. After the resident acquires employment, they will be required to complete a budget to live by after they move out.

Gold Track

Residents who are serious about a change in their lives may be interested in the Gold Track. While involved with this track, the resident will evaluate their life, come to terms with their current direction, and take steps to turn it in a direction they would like it to go. In order to do this, the resident will complete a Goals Sheet in which they will make goals addressing topics such as addictions, education/career, employment, finances, mental health, relationships, etc. Following completion of the Goals Sheet the resident and the Case Manager will develop a plan to strive to accomplish these goals. Throughout his stay, the resident meets weekly to discuss progress and possible setbacks with the Case Manger. The Gold Track duration is roughly three months. During these three months the resident will be required to find employment and permanent housing.

Blue Track

The Blue Track is for those coming out of prison/jail. This track is designed to help men or women who do not have the resources to find their own housing, or transition back into society. Those on this track are required to apply before they are released from incarceration. The Blue Track is similar to the Gold Track with a few additions. Upon arriving at the mission, the resident will live according to a very structured time schedule. Later, this schedule will be relaxed in order to help the resident successfully respond to the responsibilities, privileges, and disciplines needed to function in society.

Christian Discipleship

We believe that people are spiritual beings created by God. Therefore, in order for people to become whole it is necessary to be set right with God and to follow Christ. Accordingly, residents participating in all tracks are encouraged, but not required, to participate in Christian discipleship. Discipleship involves, but is not limited to, participating in Bible discussions, setting a time of regular prayer and Bible reading, attending a local church, and meeting regularly with a Christian mentor. Residents who show a desire to change their lives are invited to enroll in our Discipleship Programs.

Community Outreach

An Evening Meal - We offer an evening meal 365 days out of the year to whomever wants to join us. It is at our City of Refuge location in the Sunshine Room. This meal is prepared by volunteers and serving time is 5:45pm. If you would like to volunteer with us by cooking a meal please fill out our Volunteer Application and we will be in contact with you soon to get you plugged into this ministry.

Thrift - We have two thrift store locations. The proceeds from these locations goes to support the IFRM and our guests are welcome to use the clothes donated if they are in need of clothing. Our thrift stores are highly dependant on our volunteers that come in and sort items and run the stores. If you would be interested in helping to serve in this way please fill out a Volunteer Application and we will be in contact with you soon to see how you can help serve in this way.