Many people find themselves in situations that leave them without a roof over their heads for a wide variety of reasons, whether it be from illness, job loss, divorce or many other reasons. The Idaho Falls Rescue Mission has been involved in Rescue for 18 years and we are so thankful to all of you in the community who have partnered with us over the years to provide hope to those in need.

Our emergency shelters exist to provide RESCUE to those who need it in Southeastern Idaho. They provide basic needs like food, shelter, showers, clothing and essential medical care to those in crisis. We have two emergency shelters that offer rescue: The City of Refuge, which is for men 18 years and older and the Evergreen Emergency Shelter which is for females 18 years and and older with children or without.

We also provide an an evening meal, at 6pm, 365 days a year and is open to the public. It is prepared by faithful volunteers that come in and give their time to provide a warm meal to those in need. If you’d like to be a part of our volunteer team please fill out our volunteer application and we’d love to talk with you about how you can join a growing team whos desire is to make a difference in our community!


Renewed Life Recovery Program is our ministry that provides RECOVERY to those in need of it. Our recovery program will address the underlying causes of homelessness and will help its participants to establish a new pattern of living. This program is currently projected to begin in the fall of 2017. This projected date is dependant on funding and donations. We are in need of building our financial partnership team in order to launch this new program. If you’d like to give towards this ministry you can give here noteing that you want to give specifically to Renewed Life Recovery.

We have developed this program because of the great need for a recovery program in Southeastern Idaho as there is currently nothing that addresses the need in our area. Renewed Life Recovery Program is a Christ-centered program that will include time in daily Bible study, prayer, and discipleship as well as time spent in our work program. It will provide a structured schedule with around the clock accountability and mentorship.

We are excited to see how God is working things out as we prepare to launch this new and exciting program! RECOVERY will soon be a possiblity for those living in Southeastern Idaho!


Many who have come from a past of addiction and homelessness are faced with broken relationships and severed ties with family and friends. The process of RESTORATION is one that the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission sees as vitaly important if we are to properly support and encourage our guests to rebuild and re-establish a healthy and functioning place in socieity.

This process of restoration is important as they re-establish themselves in the workplace as well. We offer case management, descipleship and mentorship to our guests and support them in this process. The Idaho Falls Rescue Mission looks to Jesus to encourage our guests in this process and we are excited to be a part of this process!