Below are some stories of some who individuals who have come through our program and have moved out of a place of destitution into a place of HOPE.  

One Soldier's Story

“Dave found himself in a place he never thought he’d be.  Who was this person?  How had things come to this?

It was in October of 2017 that Dave walked through the doors at the City of Refuge Men’s Shelter…”

The Homeless Serving the Homeless

“A team of eleven men left the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission for a weekend of ministry outreach in Montana.  They were eagerly anticipating the new experiences of helping the homeless…”

"I'm Finally Home"

“James decided that with nothing left and no home he was going to start walking the highways. That is when our gracious Savior guided him to the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission…”

Hope for a Mother-to-be

“As we made our way to the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission, we weren’t sure what we would find.

But this was the best part of all…”