“Last night, after an amazing time caroling with the youth in our ward, I pulled into the driveway at 9:30 pm tired, but overwhelmed with the Christmas Spirit. Immediately, I remembered that I didn’t have any milk for Lucy and I headed to Kesler’s. As I was about to turn into the parking lot, the thought occurred to me that I should go to Walmart instead. (My worst nightmare). I drove to Walmart, parked and quickly made my way to the entry. As I entered, there was a young girl crying. I asked her if she was okay and she quickly let me know that she was not. And suddenly it was clear, “This is why I’m here!” Pregnant and alone, with nobody to call and no place to sleep, I could feel the anxiety and the fear in this poor, soon-to-be mother. “Walk with me”, I said. As we talked my thoughts turned to Mary, so long ago, a soon-to-be mother with nowhere to go and only a humble stable to sleep. I figured that the bedroom of my own teenage son could be considered the same kind of offering, but I offered anyway and she accepted. My kind husband welcomed her into our home and my kids sat around her with smiles. I couldn’t help but look at them, and feel so abundantly blessed.

I spent a restless night trying to figure out what I could to offer help and ease this girls burdens. Determined to keep and raise her baby, and estranged from her family, I worried about how I could help her find a way to provide and care for a new baby. Morning came, and I reached out to my Ward Sisters. Messages, calls, and texts came in one after the other.

Resources and numbers were available, and help was there. There was a place that she could sleep. I could hardly imagine dropping her off somewhere and driving away.

I offered to do more, to let her stay but she was determined to find a way to be on her own. We cried together, spent the day together, prayed together and sat in silence too. The feelings were heavy and the fear was real, for both of us. As we made our way to the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission we weren’t sure what we would find. But this was the best part of all. In this small building, there is a powerful, tangible feeling of safety and love. I felt it and best of all she felt it. I was able to hear one woman offer the sweetest prayer over the dinner food. The humility in this prayer and the strength and faith was truly beautiful. I watched the fear start to melt away and my new friend relaxed and looked hopeful for the first time. Even with all of my offerings, they still gave her no peace and no hope, but here, almost instantly, this rescue mission gave her what she was looking for. A safe place to start over, and a group of women to help her do it.