The City of Refuge is our Men’s Shelter for adult men ages 18 years and older.


It is located at 840 Park Avenue in Downtown Idaho Falls.

At the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission, we focus on what we call the “3 R’s”, Rescue, Recovery, and Restoration.

The purpose of the IFRM is to provide hope and a future to people caught in desperate and destitute situations.


Below is what the “3 R’s” look like for our men’s program:

Our Rescue Program is often the first phase that our guests enter into when they first walk through the doors of the City of Refuge.
Our Rescue guests are welcome to stay with us as they get back on their feet. During their time with us, they will receive customized case management to help them with their unique situations.  We also provide daily Bible studies open for anyone to join, daily meals provided through our Serving Hope Meal Program, and job training opportunities to name just a few.
Recovery is a process that many of our guests experience as they are moving away from a wide variety of addictions, extreme poverty or homelessness.
In response to the great need of a recovery program in our region, the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission launched the Works Program in May of 2017.  This Program is the first phase of implementing a complete recovery program. It is seven months long, including a one-month candidacy phase followed by a six-month participant phase. At the time of graduation, each Program participant is to have at least $2,000 in savings, a steady job and will be given the keys to their own apartment during the graduation ceremony.  As of July 2018, we are thankful to have had 4 graduates come through the program. THANK YOU to all who give to the IFRM and make ministries, like this, a reality.  If you would like to give today, click HERE and you can be a part of providing true and lasting hope to those in need!
Restoration is a conscious, committed effort to heal the breaches that homelessness and addiction have caused.
Restoration includes healing relationships, becoming connected to a local church and finding a mentor who can continue to guide that person within the framework of the community.  It includes finding work that is sustaining and a good fit for the person’s interests, talents, and personality.  Homelessness and addiction often result in a loss of family, work, church, and societal connections. It is important to restore relationships where possible and build new ones to sustain the new life that is found in Christ.

If you are in need of a place to stay

please call 208-552-5575 and speak with someone at the City of Refuge about how we can help today.