Recovery is a process that many of our guests experience as they are moving away from a wide variety of addictions, extreme poverty or homelessness.

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In response to the great need of a recovery program in our region, the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission launched the Works Program in May of 2017.  This Program is the first phase in implementing a complete recovery program. It is seven months long, including a one month candidacy phase followed by a six month participant phase.

At the time of graduation, each Program participant is to have at least $2,000 in savings, a steady job and will be given the keys to their own apartment during the graduation ceremony.  As of July 2018, we are thankful to have had 4 graduates come through the program.  We are grateful for all who give to the IFRM and make ministries, like this, a reality.  If you would like to give today, click HERE and you can be a part of providing true and lasting hope to those in need!