Our Rescue Program is often the first phase that our guests enter into when they first walk through our doors.

Many of our Rescue guests find themselves in a very challenging place in life. This Program offers support while also helping each guest to acquire a stable job, if needed, put some money in savings and also helps them to get out on their own.  During our guests time in our Rescue Program, they will receive

regular case management which allows us to come along side them and help each guest through the unique challenges they may be facing.  We provide regular, optional, Bible study for them to attend because we believe that a personal relationship with  Jesus is the only way to be in a right-relationship with God.  We encourage our guests to seek out a relationship with Jesus as they work towards establishing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.  Each Rescue guest is welcome to stay with us for 37 days (7 days to get find a job if they do not already have one, and then 30 days to save up money to get out on their own).  We have many partnerships with church’s in town that offer pick-ups for our guests without vehicles to attend church services. We have a very dedicated Rescue staff that works hard at helping those in dire situations get back on their feet.

***If you are in need and are interested in staying with us please call 208-552-5575 and someone would love to speak with you.***