IFRM Women’s Shelter

Thank you so much for your interest in the IFRM Women’s Shelter!

At the IFRM Ruth House Women’s Shelter we offer encouragement and hope to help provide a future for you. If you choose to walk through our doors, get ready to get back on your feet! A guest named Kim said “The IFRM Ruth House means safety! Not sleeping out in the cold and possibilities to go back to school. The Ruth House is my rebirth .”

If you need a place to land because you find yourself without a home or bed to sleep in, we welcome you come to safe place. This safe place is called the Ruth House Women’s Shelter at the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission. The Ruth House represents a place of no judgment. No matter what has happened in your life. No matter what circumstance you find yourself in, The Ruth House and Idaho Falls Rescue Mission allows you to leave yesterday’s mistakes behind. This is a place for anyone who feels broken, without a future, and can’t take another step. We invite you to step into the Ruth House and receive grace and hope in your time of need.

At the Ruth House Women’s Shelter, we provide a safe and sober environment to all the ladies. For the safety and sobriety of all of our guests, check in at the IFRM Ruth House Women’s Shelter follows the same protocols as the IFRM Men’s shelter including: Drug and Alcohol testing with Breathalyzer and Urinalysis screening, a background/ warrant check, and an interview so that we can get to know you and your circumstances, so that we can provide the best possible outcome for you!

At the IFRM Women’s Shelter we provide many opportunities for our guests to participate in. We want to see our guests get back on their feet and out to serve in society with tools in their belts. Once a week, our guests have the opportunity to meet with an amazing case manager who will work on their behalf to help solve the many issues that stand in the way of freedom and self-sufficiency. This case management is a free service provided to help our guests find the next step in gaining new ground.

Another opportunity that we offer is job placement. We currently work with a staffing agency who will come to the Ruth House and start the application process with you. If a guest needs assistance in building a resume we have the resources to help in this process. We want every woman who stays with us to feel like she is making a difference and to develop a sense of confidence in the ability she has been given to work and earn a paycheck.

At the IFRM Women’s Shelter, we offer meals cooked each night to each of our guests. We also give the opportunity to serve in the Idaho Falls Rescue Mission’s community meal program ‘Serving Hope’ by cooking meals for the homeless and those with food insecurity in our area.

Amy, who is a guest here stated, “ The feeling of being able to cook for others in need makes me feel so warm in my heart. I love to see the smiles on their faces when they like how the food tasted and the thank you’s I received is a blessing to my ears .” Hearing stories like this is the reason we do what we do every day at IFRM.

As a Faith Based Organization, we have the privilege to offer Bible studies provided by people in our area. These amazing volunteers come with hearts that love our guests and provide much needed Biblically based support and counsel to any of our guests who ask for it. We have a wonderful Pastor who volunteers his time to read and study the Bible with the ladies weekly, and we have other amazing ladies who come to lead ladies’ studies.

One of our guests named Sara said “ Even though people are struggling, the Lord is here to help rescue you. ” These Bible studies reflect our mission statement here at the Ruth House; Providing help, hope, and a future to the hungry, homeless, and hopeless in our region through the power and love of Jesus Christ . Our hope is that if you come that you would receive that same future that many of our ladies have already received as well.

We invite you to contact us for a tour or more information!

The IFRM Womens’s Shelter team!